• Skinning Your Chrome Developer Tools – No more

    Nov 13 2013

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    Recently, it was brought to my attention that the latest version of Chrome (Canary v. 33.0.1708.0) has removed support for User Stylesheets. When I wrote about this feature, nearly 3 years ago, it was something that developers seemed to love and find use in. Not just for modifying styles on particular websites, but for modifying their development environment (ie. “Skinning” their dev tools).

  • Front-End Developer Interview Questions – Revised

    Mar 9 2013

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    Over a year ago I posted up a list of good front-end related job interview questions amassed by some of my peers and I. Since creating that post, and the subsequent Github repo, the questions have been translated into 10 different languages, forked 370 times, starred 1,760 times and viewed by tens of thousands. The [...]

  • Email templates for recruiters etc.

    Dec 4 2012

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    I’ve seen a good number of emails about “great new opportunities” from recruiters, entrepreneurs and founders alike. That said, whenever I’m met with, what looks to be, a templated or unoriginal email/message, I feel the urge to throw desks. Yes. Desks. Given that it’s these people’s job to be able to reach out and connect [...]

  • Live Editing CSS in Presentations

    Oct 29 2012

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    I’ve been doing a number of technical talks lately that involve a lot of code. It’s often hard to get across a coding concept when you’re only showing text on the screen. As of recently, I’ve come up with a good way to show my CSS example snippets update live, without the need for JavaScript. [...]

  • Embeddable Github repos with Repo.js

    Jun 26 2012

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    So, it’s my Birthday (woot). If you didn’t know, now you know. Birthdays always involve presents. So I thought I’d give a present to all of you. For the past 3 or 4 months I’ve worked on and off on a embeddable Github repo plugin. I’ve finally got it to a place I like and [...]

  • Conference Slides

    Jun 17 2012

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    I’ve been out and about speaking at conferences the past 2 weeks and will hopefully continue that into the summer with some meetups and a few yet to be signed off on events. My latest presentations have all been done in HTML, CSS & JS. I’ve posted both of my slidedecks from Frontend Design Conference [...]

  • Get Flickr Photos from URLs with jQuery

    Jun 6 2012

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    OKAY! I promise, this is the last flickr related post (Flickr Video Plugin, Flickr Gallery Plugin. I really should just write an all out complete flickr plugin for all your photo, video and gallery needs o_O. Maybe. One day. For now, I’ve delved back in and created the last “Get Flickr X from URL”. And, [...]

  • Get Flickr Videos from URLs with jQuery

    Jun 6 2012

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    I liked the little flickr snippet I wrote for embedding galleries from urls so much that I decided to write another flickr centric plugin for grabbing videos from urls. This is one of those features that hasn’t got that much traction but it is pretty neat. Both of these plugin are pretty good for generating [...]

  • Get Flickr Galleries from URLs with jQuery

    Jun 6 2012

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    I find that I sometimes want to embed a set of images that someone hasn’t created a gallery for. You can actually see a slide show of them (example: jQuery Bowling Awesomeness!) but there isn’t a way to embed/share that view.. until now. I’ve created a quick little plugin that grabs the set id and [...]

  • Upcoming Talks & Discounts

    Jun 5 2012

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    Front-End Design Conference (June 8th-9th) Unfortunately, this conference is a pretty popular event. All tickets have been sold out for a while now (big props to @dandenney and crew). Hopefully you were able to grab a ticket when they were available though. The conference is being held in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida and it will [...]